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Senior Tips & Help

Many new residents to Florida as well as our many visitors have occasion to require medical attention. It is important to know about the person you have selected to take care of you -- your doctor. Nurse Brianne Kurpit, RN of the Northeast Focal Point Senior Center offers these excellent tips when selecting a physician.

How Good Is Your Physician?

Physician Checklist:

  • Is the office clean, well lit and comfortable?
  • Is the office staff pleasant and efficient?
  • If you have to wait, do they tell you now long it will be?
  • Is the physician relaxed, focused and unhurried?
  • Does the physician give you enough time to talk?
  • Is he/she willing to give you copies of test results?
Questions You Need To Ask Your Physician:  (Bring a written list of your questions)

  • In what field are you Board Certified?
  • At which hospitals or medical centers do you have admitting privileges?
  • How long have you been in practice?
  • Please give me the details of my condition so I can make an informed decision.
  • Please speak to me in plain, simple English.

Remember, it's your health. Take charge of it!